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Sports Centre News

Disabled Sport

Non-disabled people are twice as likely to play sport as disabled people (39.2 per cent compared to 18.5 per cent). Earlier this year, Active Nation was awarded £160,831 by Sport England and other partners to launch an adult disability sport programme in Southampton. This allows Active Nation to subsidise its adult disability activity programme for participants. Each of their 7 venues in Southampton will be delivering weekly activity programmes and they  are aiming to attract more than 9,000 visits from disabled City residents over 36 months. Match funding by partners brings the total available funding to £212,051. (More….)

Southampton City Council has also awarded Active Nation £34,000 over the next 2 years to provide a sports programme for disabled children in the City, focusing on tennis and athletics.

Active Nation also run a disability diving programme at The Quays which was shortlisted for a National award in 2013. (More….)

All Weather Pitch

As you may have seen, the second all weather pitch was resurfaced in late 2014, complete with a striking blue border - it looks great and hopefully will see many years of hard use.

But here’s a question - what do you do with all the old synthetic turf? Normally it would just end up in landfill, but thanks to the imagination and generosity of Active Nation and Blakedown Sport and Play who installed the new pitch, much of it will have a second life:

Pitch behind the Boating Lake

Having been de-stoned, cleared and levelled and had its drainage repaired, the pitch was re-seeded in 2014 and is beginning to green up nicely. We understand that 3 mini soccer pitches will be marked out (like on the pitch next door). The far (northern) corner is still very damp and boggy and we are discussing  possible options for this piece of ground, including a manages wildlife area.

out of school club.png

Did you know?

Active Nation manages a wide variety of Council- owned sports facilities across the City:

Passes and Season Tickets

Active Nation offers weekly passes giving you unlimited access to:


You can also buy annual passes  for all activities (More….) and special monthly junior ski passes.

Members of the University’s Sports and Recreation facility get free access to a variety of Active Nation facilities across the city including the ski slope and athletics track at the outdoor Sports Centre (More….)

Holiday Clubs and Activities

Active Nation provides children’s parties for a variety of ages at Bitterne, Chamberlayne, the Quays  and the Alpine Ski Centre (More….)

Active Nation runs holiday activities for kids at Chamberlayne (click on image below) and the Sports Centre.

An awful lot of events and activities occur at the Sport Centre and Active Nation puts a huge amount of effort into organising them and into fund raising to promote sport, activity and healthy living across the City, so here are some of the great things going on at the Sports Centre.

Latest News

Want to know about events at the Sports Centre? Active Nation now have an online calendar which shows all the major / one off / larger than normal events. Alternatively, anyone is welcome to call Active Nation on 0300 0200 135 option 2 to find out what is going on and when. The online calendar is here: (works better with some browsers than others)

June 2015 - Walking Netball Following on from the success of their walking football scheme aimed at the more senior menfolk, Active Nation are about to launch a similar walking netball scheme aimed at ladies of 50 years and above. The first taster sessions are scheduled for Tuesday 16th June, 7:00 to 8:00 pm and Thursday 18th June 11:00 am to noon. Contact Danielle Warnes for more information ( - tel 0300 0200 135 option 2).

walking football.png

Skiing, snowboarding and more

The Alpine Sports Centre offers a wide range of ski and snowboarding courses for beginners through to experts, and for all ages as well as individual tuition and activity parties.


Walking Football - the beautiful game at a pace to suit everyone

 Join the Active Nation ! Free 3 day pass - Active Nation are currently offering a free 3 day facilities pass - what’s your excuse?